September 7, 2010
The Proposal - The Experience Fantastique

"How much longer Tom? How much longer must we flirt and play at these silly little games? We’ve been engaged to be married for near six months now and I am longing to show you how much I love you."

"Yes my Darling, I too wish to swim with you through the depths of our love, but as we have discussed previously my family follows a strict criteria concerning the addition of new family members."

You place one hand firmly on Toms chest and push him down and onto the large bed soft with countless cushions. It has taken months of manipulation and hard work to get to this point in your relationship. Never before had Tom come across such a forth right and dominant partner, never before had he even considered the idea that a woman may take charge and lead the way in the bedroom.

"I wish to be your wife." You tell as you unbutton Toms trousers. This seduction of your fiancee is becoming quite the regular occurrence.

Removing his cock from his clothing while begging that he take that final plunge you say, “Marry me Tom and love me. Let us pronounce to the world our true feelings for one another so I may finally hold you within me.”

"But Sweetheart please understand," Tom argues the point as he grips you firmly by your shoulders and rolls you over onto your back. He kneels over your body and you refuse to let go of his warm staff as he continues to repeat the excuses you have heard one million times before, "my family has ideas that I am scared will offend you. They are greedy and ill of mind when it comes to their fortune. They will never let us marry unless you can prove your innocence and purity."

"Well, why not invite them in to see how I handle your innocence and purity?" You tease as Tom continues to hold you down hard against the bed, his frustration with you drives his anxieties to peak. You tug harder at his erection as it bulges stiffer in your hands. "Why should it be that I can hold you, my lover, in my hands and not within my person? Why should such a silly ceremony coupled with the token ring speak so loudly as to whether or not this penis of yours should mingle with my vagina?"

"Shush now my beautiful girl, you are being rude for the sake of stirring me. If you yearn so badly for our consummation I can have the Doctor come visit you tomorrow."

"What? What Doctor?" You are startled and can not tell if he is just teasing you. He begins swinging his hips back and forward sliding his dick through your hands. You have ceased stroking his member. For the first time ever, you are uncertain of Toms intentions.

"The Physician." He states as he slides himself away and down from your hands. "If it is true that you wish for me to be wise to your purity, than the family Physician must thoroughly examine you." Tom speaks as if this procedure is as common as a hair cut or dining with friends, he lifts up your dress to find layer upon layer of petticoats and undergarments. "My parents must be aware of any impurity that may stand in the way of us producing yet more heirs for the family fortune."

With one hand Tom picks up your legs by the ankles while sliding off your pantalettes with his other hand. Your sweet pussy is bare and he dives head first under your dress and petticoat to begin lapping at your furry purse. Your head falls back and you begin to smile as his tongue laps wet at your pot while your hands race through his hair and around his head.

"I can not. I will not do such a thing." You struggle. Toms lapping grows frantic. "I will not bare myself before your Doctor, before this said Physician. My cunt is for you and you alone my Tom, these intimate moments are proof of my love for you. Does not my loyalty suffice? Do I not behave in a pure and innocent manner?" He sucks harder at your clit bringing it deeper into his mouth so his tongue may flick frantically over you pink pearl. "Can you not taste my purity Tom?" You question as your pussy wets his lips, "Do you not consider what you have now flooding your mouth innocent and deserving of your commitment?" You’re climax grows with your fury and frustration.

Snatching a large clump of hair from the top of Toms head you drag his face away from your pussy and up to meet your own and you say, “I refuse to see your Doctor and I am tired of this courtship. Tomorrow I shall take my belongings and I will leave you here lonely. I am sorry that you do not trust me enough to accept me as pure. Your own innocence was lost when you learned to live by your parents double standards. I wish you to forget what we have Tom, for it is gone.”


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