September 8, 2010
Courtship - The Experience Fantastique

As you lay out your attire upon the bed the sun breaks over the countryside showering the landscape with warm yellow rays of hope and prosperity. You have had very little sleep as you have spent the night packing bags and contemplating the scenario. Is it so terrible that Tom and his wealthy family wish to know that your most treasured purse has been untouched by the staff of men? Are you throwing away the love of your life for the solitude of your ideals?

You knew quite well that Toms family was well to do when you began your courtship with him. It should have come as no surprise that such an ultimatum has arisen. Your mind ties itself in sharp knots as you pull tight on the laces of your corset. Your ideals have been packed with the rest of your belongings and as you consider your actions for one last time you tie off on your garment with determination.

Soft pink pantalettes slide softly over your pale legs and looking back over your shoulder you watch as the silky fabric wraps your subtle buttocks. You slide your petticoat over your head and down your body, finally you swing your hips into the small waist. You are saddened as Tom will never have the pleasure of removing your garments for the purpose of fucking you.

Sneaking though the many layers of your dress you finally come to making the final adjustments on your outfit. The room is empty of your belongings and you reach down to pick up the two heavy suitcases filled with your clothing and what few material possessions you own. In the mirror you see a beautiful woman standing proud yet weary, this whole mess has tried your sanity long enough.

With a slight huff you begin your journey, first slipping through your bedroom door quietly and then down the hall to where you find Toms bedroom door slightly ajar. Peering through the open gap you see him resting in slumber and you whisper, “Goodbye Tom.”

Flowers and bushes of all shades of green rush past you as you begin running through the garden toward the water. You know that if you follow the rivers edge for long enough you will eventually come upon a small dock where you may board a steamboat that will take you to the nearest town.

Once down by the river you begin weaving through the trees and brush that litter the side of the water. Your emotions twist and turn like the ocean as you remember running away from home as a child. Sticks and leaves crumple under your feet when you realise that it is not only you that makes these sounds amongst the brush.

You stop and wait patiently listening for what ever maybe near you. Perhaps you have scared an animal and it has run off ahead of you, perhaps you are just hearing things as your levels of stress and anxiety continue to accumulate. Your eyes scan back and forth looking for anything peculiar, anything that may seem out of place… like that splash of white you see jutting out from behind a tree just near you.

"Fuck." You whimper as a man dressed in a long white lab coat steps out before you. His face covered by a white surgeons mask and his hair tied underneath a a pastel green cap. Frozen in fear and curiosity you don’t dare move as the Doctor approaches you. Uncertain and confused you drop your bags as the man grabs you forcefully by the arm. Too late to run you gasp as the Doctor presses your body against the nearest tree and reveals a length of rope he has been holding behind his back.

As you finally find the gumption to move he steps behind you and the tree and now reaches around to grab your other arm. You scream “Tom!” at the top of your lungs but you are more than aware that you have traveled too far for him to hear cries of distress. The rope held by the Doctor now wraps your wrists tight behind the hard trunk, you fidget and fight but it is no good as it is obvious that this man has done this many times before.

Once your wrists are secured the Doctor slowly steps around from behind the tree and begins inspecting your clothing. He reveals a large pair of scissors and slips one edge beneath your dress and begins snipping the fabric down the length of your arm. You love your dress and you are almost more frantic about this desecration than you are about the whole scenario. He repeats the process along your other arm and then quickly drops to his knees to begin snipping a long cut from the bottom of your dress, slowly and carefully along the abdomen of your corset, and then delicately between your breasts and along your decolletage.

The Doctor leans his face in close toward you, so close that you can hear him breathe. You can smell the cleanliness of his attire as he bunches up the fabric of your dress behind you. He rips the dress from your body like a magician revealing his greatest illusion and you are left still clothed in your shoes, stockings, pantalettes, pantyhose and corset.

"What do you want from me?" You demand. The Doctor replies by pressing his finger against your lips and then dragging his hands down and around your body where you can feel him fingering the laces of your corset. He yanks hard at the lace tightening the corset to extremes you have never before experienced. Your breath is forced from your body and your eyes bulge with shock. He ties off on the now straining laces and stands back to admire his handy work.

Gasping short breaths you feel weary and light headed. As your head rolls around you catch glimpses of your Doctor slowly opening his trousers and revealing to you a cock so hard and erect you liken it to the tree you are bound to.


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