September 9, 2010
Consummation - The Experience Fantastique

Stripped bare and elevated your legs are now uncomfortably bound open and bent at the knees as you vertically straddle the tree. Your shoulders and wrists take most of the weight and you moan slightly as you settle into the elaborate web of ropes and knots. The Doctor stands before you sniffing your pantalettes through his mask and stroking his cock vigorously as if it were his intention to come right here and now. You witness his penis bulging and standing firmer on end as pre cum begins leaking from the tip of his bulbous head. The clear slippery fluid meets his fingers with delight and as he grows aware of the sensation he grips the end of his penis full fisted and now lubricates the head.

Twisting his hand around his shaft he takes short shallow strokes of his dick as he gently rocks his hips back and forward, it’s as if he were teasing himself by only fucking with the very tip of his member. You writhe momentarily against the tree to which you are bound and dare with a stern voice, “The audacity you have shown here today only speaks of your stupidity.” The Doctor immediately ceases stroking his cock and turns to look at you. As he paces toward you, his cock now dangling from his open trousers, you close your eyes and lower your head to show that you have finally submitted.

On his knees the Doctor carefully opens the folds of your labia, staring intently into your pussy folds and stretching your lips wide apart as to see inside of you. “You will find nothing.” You state and his eyes glare up at you shocked.

"I have fucked men before." You continue. "I have sucked and fucked cocks larger than your own. I have put fingers deep into my pussy and they have not always been my own. Why don’t you try it?" You suggest.

And without a moments hesitation the Doctor provides you with three bunched fingers, your own wetness lubricating his long smooth phalanges as he pushes them firmly up and into your cunt. You moan and whimper with pleasure, there is nothing you love more than being completely filled and penetrated. His middle finger quickly finds your most sensitive flesh and you can feel him stroking the very top and front of your vagina. As your pleasure increases you find yourself in fantasy with Tom. Had you known how wonderful this Doctor would be you would never have hesitated with the examination, even if your hymen had been in tact it certainly wouldn’t have been come the conclusion of such a thorough and rigorous test.

The thin paper of the Doctors mask now presses firmly against your clit as his fingers continue to stroke your smooth internal walls. It is obvious that he longs to lap at your flesh while he fingers your pussy, but it is also apparent that the anonymity of his identity is also a priority. He uses his nose to flick and press at your clit, shaking his head and face side to side, your pussy wets his mask and you imagine what it must be like for him to be smelling your clean and now dripping wet pussy through his surgical mask.

"Fuck me." You find yourself demanding, your pussy longing to be filled by your Doctors hot burning cock. He slides his fingers from you and takes one last look at your vagina before standing up and slapping his penis hard against your bushy pubis.

"Fuck me." You repeat your request.

You watch as he looks down at his cock, watching himself as he directs his fleshy staff with precision and determination. Your eyelids slowly close and you dream of Tom as the warm, firm penis slides easily into your body. With strong hands the Doctor grabs a full fist of hair from the back of your head, his other hand snatches a large chunk of your buttocks and with the force of his stroke and the strength of his arms your body begins rising and falling onto his able erection over and over again.

His head and shoulders falls back as his hips rhythmically drive his lust deep into your hungry wet love. You clench yourself tight around his flesh, gripping his penis hard with your cunt and your Tom is here in your mind with you pumping away at your pussy, filling you ever so desperately with his passion. Your own passion leads the way to an ever growing climax, an orgasm grows steadily anxious inside of you and you half expect to be coming with each and every tickling stroke of this flesh filling your desperation.

Gasping breath and longing moans of ecstasy begin breathing through the Doctors mask. His orgasm comes to the edge as you feel his cock grow even harder within you. Your pussy is painted smooth by his pre cum and your own juices are near flowing as your climax sits precariously on the edge of your elation. Your hair drops around your shoulders and body falls back into your restraints as the Doctor releases his grip of you and slides his attentive cock from your pussy. He takes long and exact strokes of his now wet flesh and with his left hand unties his mask in one tug of the lace. His penis is aimed directly at your body and you watch as the one single drop of semen squeezes from the end of his cock, “Here is my orgasm my Darling.” You hear your Doctor speak for the first time as he removes his mask to reveal your devious Tom ready to fire his come generously over you body.

The warm fluid squirts and splashes up and onto your breasts. His delight immediately trickles down your body where it collects with long strands of his love as his come continues to land upon the flesh of your abdomen. “Tom.” You gasp as he strokes every last drop of come from his gorgeous cock. “Tom.” You echo as his stroking and penis finally come to rest.

"I shall tell my parents that your are pure of heart and mind my most dearest Sweetheart. And should they demand further evidence of your innocence I shall be certain to make sure that you find yourself visiting the Doctor on a more regular occasion." Your Tom leans in close to your face and kisses your cheek gently.

"Now, let us get you down from here and back to the house. We have much to discuss about what we have learned here today."


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